the first.


So, I did it.
16th of December 2017 I finally completed my 2015 resolution of leaving my job and starting a fresh new chapter and boyyyy does it feel good.

Lets take it way back to December 2014 when I quit my waitressing job. If literally being called ‘Clunk’ as a child by my family wasn’t enough to show that waitressing wasn’t going to work out for me, spilling food and drink over customers daily was.

January 15′ rolled around and I got on the wrong bus after the gym one day and saw an ad on the side of a building that a bowling alley was recruiting staff.
” Dad, its just for me to save money to work at a summer camp in america ”
One year on and I managed to save enough money to quit my job, work away and travel for 3 months.

I then came back and realised I had spent all my money and wanted to save to travel more. So, I back tracked my self and worked back at the alley’ for another year.
It was the best, I was working with my best friends. The weekly routine would be to wake up, go to work, go to the bar… then realise you’re back in at 8.30am and try catch the late bus home ( 3.30am and you still would never make it and had to catch a £10 taxi ) Some of my best moments from 2017 revolved around bowling balls, Sambuca and spontaneous flights.
After realising I was in pretty much the same place as I was a year ago, I put more hours in and got a second job as a lifeguard to save up enough money to leave, take a few more trips and spend some time with my family for a little while. I thought by writing down what I love to do, it’ll inspire me to do the things I love more.


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